Best Bluetooth Beanies for Women in 2020

Winter is coming. Yeah, if you’re familiar with that kind of drama you know it’s true. But seriously, it is coming. And what better way than to stylize, enjoy your tunes and keep warm all with one head accessory. Here are the best bluetooth beanies for women in 2020.

Bluetooth Beanie With Brown Faux Fur Pom Pom - Black

Lush Series are dual layered luxurious  bluetooth beanie hat material with a Faux fur pom pom. Sexy and stylish, you’ll have the convenience of staying warm and listening to your favourite music or answering calls on the go

Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie - Ambrosia

Made with 70% acrylic fibers and 30% wool, this premium soft-knit bluetooth beanie hat shows off some spunk and attitude. Manage your calls and your music with onboard controls for Play/Pause, Stop, Answer, and Volume.

Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie - Cable Knit Grey

This beautifully simple winter beanie hat also features a removable bluetooth module allowing you to wash the Blu-toque and keep the wireless beanies clean. Works best for indoor as well as outdoor. Wear it while you’re taking your baby out or bringing your teen to his soccer practice.

Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie - USA Flag

Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie - Canada Maple Leaf

Be proud of your country and display your support with these flag themed bluetooth beanies. You’ll keep warm, enjoy your music and take your important calls - hands free!

Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie - Starburst

What a girl wants - is a pink and yellow bluetooth beanie to make her feel feminine. Enjoy the attention and that bluetooth convenience.

Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie With Pink Pom Pom - Acme Pink

Premium soft-knit dual layered bluetooth beanie hat material with long braided extensions. This design will make you feel like a little girl again. 

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