The Bluetooth Beanie was designed with you in mind. Our team of tech-savvy industry veterans committed their time and their expertise to deliver cutting-edge technology into your daily life. It’s what matters most to us.

Founded and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, our company is dedicated to producing quality innovations to enhance your life. Decades of research and development together with expertise in design concepts have paved the way for the new era of innovative, fashionable and functional accessories. We’re conceptualizing our designs and products to fit the modem world.

And we’re taking you along for the ride.


At the core, our company is set on design quality and innovation. We aim to be the best in providing quality seasonal headwear integrated with top quality exclusive patented innovations.

Our Mission

We are a company that serves a higher purpose. Our products are meant to ease the lives of people who buy them but viewed in another angle, we also employ people who are marginalized and give them opportunities to be a contributor to society. Tied to our beliefs that companies contribute greatly to the planet and to humanity, we promote environmentally sustainable practices and stick to them as well.


At The Bluetooth Beanie, we make it our responsibility to take care of our environment. Our eco-conscious production process is a testament to our promise. By using only sustainable and recyclable materials from our products to our packaging, we make reliable and long lasting products that don’t compromise on quality, value, price or the environment.


Sustainability is key in preventing more waste from piling up and making its way to landfills or worse, the ocean. That's why we only use packaging materials that are in line with our eco-conscious process - recyclable plastics, uncoated paper and plant-based inks.