There’s a ton of other brands to choose from but none has matched the ingenuity and ideal design of the Bluetooth Beanie. You wear it and well - that’s it. When you’re driving, riding a bike, pushing a stroller, or having a run you’re completely free to use your hands to do what needs to be done.

We Share the Warmth

The Bluetooth Beanie isn’t just a beanie. It’s a beanie with a purpose.

Ultimately, we want to be able to share warmth to millions of people living in cold climates but we also want to share a different kind of warmth - to people who are on the streets, who are down on their luck and have difficulty getting a job just because they’re challenged.

We Keep You Connected but Safe

With the new laws taking effect and with heavy penalties for Distracted Driving, the Bluetooth Beanie is your personalized solution to stay connected while being safe. You can rely on your Bluetooth Beanie to work well and we guarantee it. You can use it as a hands-free extension of your phone. You’re eyes and your hands will stay right where they’re supposed to - on the road and on the wheel.

We Promote Hygiene

Oh, don’t forget, you can wash it too! Just take off the module and into the washer it goes. Form, function, and style with the Bluetooth Beanie. It’s all you’ll ever need.