Gearing Up For Winter The Bluetooth Beanie Way

It’s winter again!


It’s the season for snow, skiing, yuletide cheer and layers of clothing. Now, I’m not saying it isn’t good to layer up for winter because, let’s face it, it’s cold in winter. But you can gear up for it in the smart way - the bluetooth beanie way.


What’s A Bluetooth Beanie?

While you may know what a beanie is, you may be hearing a bluetooth beanie for the first time. A bluetooth beanie is headgear that you can wear for the winter with a special module to help you connect to your smartphone. You can receive calls here or even listen to your favorite tunes without having to bother with another pair of headphones. 


It’s an amazing innovation that will make driving, running or doing simple things easier and hand-free during winter. 


Tunes Under The Hood

How many of you have tried figuring out how to put on that headphone under your winter hat for a stroll through the snow with some friends. I mean, come on, walking in snow with the best tunes for the absolute perfect mood is what makes life worth living. But it’s below freezing out there and you wouldn’t be caught going outside without any headgear on. 


But just dealing with putting your bluetooth headphone under your old beanie isn’t really a walk in the park. This is where TheBluetoothBeanie comes in. Your tunes will be right on your ears for that perfect sound, plus, your head will be perfectly warm. Enjoy your tunes with the Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie Dual Layered Knit Hat - Arctic, comfort, style and yes, your tunes right where they should be.


Keeping Fit And Rocking It On The Track

Lots of people try to keep fit even during the cold winter season. But it’s actually easier said than done. Running, for example, won't be as effective an exercise during the cold season compated to warmer weather. So people go skiing instead. 


It’s fun and it’s - well - it’s physical exercise. But bringing your bluetooth headphones will probably be out of the question here. It’s risky and it’s ill-fit to use when you’re going down a slope. 


The Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie Unisex Warm Hat in Dare To Glare Neon is unisex and has a reflective line for extra visibility. It’s a wireless bluetooth beanie hat that you can use while on the slope or just cruising the snow. 


Stylish Without Compromising Comfort

You’d think that having a wireless bluetooth beanie hat would look awkward and clunky. For a soft but beautiful head warmer, the Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie In Navy With Snow Pattern is good both for guys and girls. The pompom makes it look so cute but as a wireless bluetooth beanie, it not only makes you look good, it also allows you to take calls hands-free. 

Better gear up for the winter the right way - yep - the bluetooth beanie way.