Outdoor Beanie Activities You Should Do Tomorrow

The winter season has started and we’ve all unpacked our winter gear. It’s time for us to look forward to winter fun adventures. Of course, nothing sucks out the enjoyment better than the cold so we’re thinking you should still get to wear that bluetooth beanie when you do that activity tomorrow. 

And of course, there’s still that physical distancing that the government is still implementing. So when you think about it, there’s not a lot of things to do tomorrow that can be fun. Or, is there?

Being creative is the best way to get out of this seemingly bad rut. Even with these trying times, we can still come up with a few fun things to do. So gear up and let’s discover 20 beanie activities that you should do tomorrow!

Build A Snowman With Your Sister

Yeah, I know it and you know it. That song that starts with “Do you wanna build a snowman?” But it’s actually perfect when you’re just outside with your sister and you both have those bluetooth beanies on playing to the song from the movie. Nuff said!

Make A Snow Fort With Your Sons

Winter is the best time to play with - well - snow. There’s not enough of it during the other seasons so take this opportunity and make that snow fort with your sons. Enjoy the time together with them while they’re young.

Start an epic snowball fight

And so after making that snow fort, what’s the next thing to do? Well, have an epic snowball fight, that’s what! We can have those cool musical scores as battle music while the fight happens. Here’s a list of songs to put into your playlist so your bluetooth beanie can play them during that epic exchange.

Go Sledding

While maintaining social distancing, you can go sledding with friends. Probably pick out separate areas where everyone can see each other from the peak then take the plunge at the same time. Not only will this be fun, it’s awesomely cool to have on video. Don’t forget to put on those bluetooth beanies though. It’s going to be cold.

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