5 Indoor Beanie Activities You Should Do Tomorrow

People think that we should wear a beanie only during outdoor activities. While that remains acceptable, it isn’t alway true. There are tons of indoor activities you can do while sporting that super cute bluetooth beanie. After all, it doesn’t only keep you warm, it can do so much more.

 So, here are indoor beanie activities you definitely should do tomorrow.

1. Enjoy That Netflix Movie You’ve Been Meaning To Watch

It’s been on your watchlist for - oh, I don’t know - forever. But you’ve been putting it off on account of maybe something you’ve forgotten. Well, this is on the top spot of the list. Sit down in front of that widescreen TV, wear your bluetooth beanie - the one that just loosely hugs your head and enjoy. Oh, and make sure you have your fleece blanket with you 

2. Work It Out

Who said exercise should be done only during the hot months. There’s no rest for those muscles and the ever growing fat that lurks around the belly because of our holiday festivities. And while an outdoor run would be fun, it may be too cold to do that tomorrow. So, you can grab a slim fit bluetooth beanie, put up your hair and do a gentle Ashtanga Yoga routine. You won’t regret it one bit.

3. Read A Book

Yah, you know this would be part of the list and you know why? Reading develops more than just comprehension or vocabulary. When you read a book, whether a physical or digital book, you learn things and you get ideas. You internalize, develop critical thinking. So, read a book. Put on a thinking beanie and then settle into a cozy place with that hot cocoa. Pure perfection. See suggestions here if you want something different to read.

4. Do A Live Stream

For the vloggers and the content creators, there’s no other day than tomorrow to make that live stream. Maybe you’ve been working on something and been waiting for the perfect time to do it. Well, setup for that live stream. You can get into it tomorrow. And while you’re thinking of what to wear - you can probably add a bluetooth beanie. Just for the heck of it.

5. Kondo Your Closet

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, well you should read up on her or watch her videos. You can discover what “sparks joy” for you while you’re decluttering and clearing up your closet. Slap on that bluetooth beanie and groove to your finest tunes and trust me, you’ll look at your closet in a different way after tomorrow. 

These are but a fraction of indoor beanie activities that you can do. Be creative and make it fun. That’s what’s important in this winter season.