The Best Sounds To Listen To When Jogging This Winter

When you’re out for a run, what do you listen to? Do you have a special playlist for that extra push when you’re training for a marathon or do you have a playlist when you’re trying to just vent your energy. Winter may be the cold season but it doesn’t give you any excuse to skip on your runs. 

It’s easy to go winter jogging with a reflective strip bluetooth beanie. One, because you’ll have whatever you want to listen to right there on your ear; two, you’ll still be able to keep warm; and three, you’ll be visible even when it gets dark. So, if you want to check out the best sounds you can listen to when jogging, then read on.

Why Listen To Music Anyway

Music gives you that special push to get started. As mentioned in Healthline’s Blog on Why You Need Music When You Exercise, it gets your body into a groove and it makes it easier to get started on your activity. A study actually shows that music pushes people to run more even though they are tired or in pain. When you have the right gear, like that bluetooth beanie, taking your music will be simple as putting it over your head.

Music To Amp To When Jogging This Winter

1. Best Youtube Recommended Playlist

This playlist is titled Best Running Music Motivation 2016 and it is four years old, but it’s top ranked in views with 18 million of them and still rising. 

2. Best Recommended Playlist on Spotify

Runner’s World has some sick playlists for you to choose from. But here’s something with a healthy mix of old and new songs - the December 2020 Running Playlist.

3. Cosmopolitan’s Must-Have Running Playlist

In a featured article, the magazine giant came up with an amazing list that’s broken down into music preferences. So if you’re into RnB, Hiphop, Rock, and Indie.

4. Best Inspirational Talk From Youtube

We have experienced from time to time the feeling of defeat, of needing to hear something inspirational to keep us going. There’s a lot of great speakers who want to impart their thoughts. This talk can help you keep going and be inspired.

This list is in no way the holy grail. You can dig some but not others in the list. Just pick out what you like and get ready to take off. Don’t forget to wear the right gear though. Pick up that bluetooth beanie and dress warmly. It’s still winter out after all.